Wrapping your car or truck in corporate messaging is a very effective way to raise your profile. Depending on where you drive and where you park – whether one car or an entire fleet – we can deck out your ride in a way that attracts positive attention. The keys are bold design, simple and strong messages, and seamless technical execution. As a Winnipeg digital marketing agency specializing in vehicle graphics and wraps, we know how to do that. Call us today to discuss how far your dollar can go in having thousands of motorists see your logo and get your message every day.

Why wrap my vehicle?

  • Generate up to 70,000 impressions per vehicle
  • 30% of viewers base buying decisions on ads they see
  • 96% of North Americans travel in a vehicle each week
  • Reaches more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand than ALL other forms of advertising
  • Mobile flexibility allows you to position your vehicle ad anywhere

Source: Outdoor Advertising Association of America

Vita Health Vehicle Wrap

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RS Express Vehicle Wraps

Fleet vehicles increase their presence and recognition

  • Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition by 15 times over other ad media
  • North Americans average 15 hours per week in a car
  • Reach audiences of all ages, gender, backgrounds, income, professionals, and families
  • Unlike radio and TV, audiences can't change the channel


Mobile flexibility allows you to position your vehicle ad anywhere.

  • Reaches about 85% of people across all income levels
  • A vehicle driven 15,000 miles a year will pass an average of nine million vehicles
  • Target consumers of all ages and ethnic groups


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