Moweco Website Design and Development

Services Provided: Graphic Design, Website Design & Development, Online Marketing Strategy

An existing, long-time client started a new business that focuses on sharing economy software. The term - sharing economy - is defined as “an economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals, either free or for a fee, typically by means of the Internet”. Our client started up Moweco, applying their patented technology to the lawn care industry.

Moweco, takes pride in offering a smarter approach. It all starts with their software. It allows them to assign "close to home" customers to members of their lawn care team. This means team members can start their days from home, eliminating the need to drive their personal vehicles to an office and then drive company trucks back into their neighbourhood to complete jobs.

This cuts out a large operational cost that no longer needs to be an added price to their customers. It also keeps a lot of emissions out of our atmosphere - another bonus.

Moweco needed to take their sharing economy software and utilize it in a custom website that manages their business, their customers and also their service providers. This is where we come in! With many months of planning, designing, programming and testing we created Moweco is a fully functional, online business that manages all aspects of their lawn care service.

You simply go to the website, type in your address, draw the area of the property you’d like serviced and voila – it’s booked and ready to go.

The website allows the customer to select a single mow or a seasonal package. It also has a menu of service items that can be added to any order! Once the order has been placed the service provider in your area is notified and they’ll book your service date online. Each customer will have their own account where they can login and check order status, chat with their service provider and book new services. is completely mobile friendly and can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. The folks at Moweco also have a robust administration panel where they can manage all aspects of the business. It’s pretty slick.

Feel free to check it out and even place an order! It’s not just about the website, Moweco is very good at what they do.

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