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The businesses of Academy Road formed a Business Improvement Zone in 1995 to market the area as Winnipeg’s preferred shopping and service experience, to sponsor events which would enhance the safe and family friendly character of the street, and to improve the physical appearance of Academy Road. The BIZ also provides a voice in the political sphere on issues of concern to member...

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The Advertising Association of Winnipeg was founded in 1944 by Waldo Holden, Tony Messner and Les Garside. Originally known as the Winnipeg Sales and Ad Club, its mandate was to encourage fellowship and professional development within the sales and advertising industries in Winnipeg. By the late 1970s, the sales and advertising professions had diverged significantly in their work. As a...

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Are you trying to find a way to stay in touch with your clientele on a regular basis? Do you have an existing client list that you want to use more effectively? Have you considered an email marketing campaign? Instead of spending your marketing dollars on direct mail pieces or printed newsletters, look at using an email marketing system to help you reach out to your existing...

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If you run a small business and are hesitating to get into the e-commerce game, take note: Canadians placed online orders for goods and services valued at $15.1 billion in 2009. That's an increase of $3.1 B in just two years. According to a recent report by Statistics Canada, the increase is due to more online shoppers and a higher volume of orders. In 2009, about 39% of Canadians aged 16...

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Professional website design, even in the "smaller" Winnipeg market, isn't just what all businesses should want, it's what they need. It's a proven, growing trend that buyers of all demographics, for purchases large and small, are shopping the web to research and compare options to one another well before they buy. The advantage to small business is if you operate in a local environment, a...

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