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Long gone are the days of having to rely on programmers for all those little things you wished you could handle yourselves - from removing outdated news on your site, to updating your sales contacts, to your burning desire to post info about that great award you won last night.

We've entered the era of real-time information on demand. And with it, the chance to update all your information yourselves.

There's a number of reasons more and more clients choose to go with a content management system. One being that they can be very easy to use. Anyone with a basic learning skill level can be putting up, editing, and moving content within a few hours (at most!). It's a good feeling being in control of your web content changes, on your terms.

The other is cost. You're saving costs by having content that's possible to maintain/add yourself and not having to pay someone else each time you need to make a change.

The final thing is being able to keep up with search engine optimization. By constantly updating your website, its content, refining your key words (basically keeping your site "alive") is what search engines are looking for.

Don't know what, or how, to write? See more on what a copywriter can do for your Winnipeg website in an upcoming blog.

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