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  • Your overall look is the first impression you make on a potential client, customer, donor, or member. Make it count. Differentiate yourself from the competition. Be remembered.
  • Anyone can copy and paste a graphic, or buy a cookie-cutter template online for a few bucks. And, yes, we know that your sister's boyfriend's buddy dabbles in "design"...and probably guitar. But only a professional designer can effectively choreograph your look, your text, your images, and your essence online and in print.
  • A professional graphic designer knows how to manage and troubleshoot the technical side of website development, and will have an informed relationship with the printer who will be producing your materials. Your sister's boyfriend's buddy knows how to get rid of red-eye in a photo...and play Classical Gas without the sheet music.
  • A bold commitment to leading-edge graphic design across all of your electronic and print materials helps you look like a professional, not a pauper; competent, not chaotic. Clean, beautiful, purposeful design builds your brand and drives business.

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