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What a Copywriter Can Do For You

Let's not mince words here: When it comes to a website, content is the new king.

As mentioned in our earlier blog, fresh content is one of the silver bullets for good search engine rankings. Google isn't going to move up static websites with outdated content that's stayed the same for years.

Beyond search engine rankings, fresh content is valuable in retaining customers. Do you have anything new and compelling to bring them back to your site for repeat visits? They need a reason to return, and that reason is either new content, or enough good content in the first place that they want to refer back to your site in the future.

Web copywriters are primarily used for two things - to help you pull together the basic content you will have on your site for a longer time, and/or to make sure your content grows and gets updated regularly.

The biggest benefit to hiring a professional copywriter is getting the job done right the first time. You may have some great print material, but you may not know now how to translate it into easy to read, easy to navigate web copy. You may have some ideas of what you can provide as information and updates, but lack the time to do so.

Experienced website copywriters know how to construct search engine friendly, compelling copy that is focused on the reader's perspective. Enlisting them can help bridge the gap from good content intentions that are never realized - to great results on the web.

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