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What makes a successful e-mail marketing plan? Here are some essentials:

  1. Minimize bounce back

    Use your address book to start. By doing so, you will bypass filters and show up just the way you want to. Build your address book by reminding your audience to add you to their address book (or white list, or safe senders list) every chance you get.

  2. Opt in, opt out

    Show good manners with permission based marketing. Have a standard "opt out" link on your correspondence on your first and every blast, which allows recipients to feel in control of the messages they do receive. Can-spam legislation gives you 10 days to honor an opt-out request - so make it happen.

  3. Create the hook

    Your subject line is your two seconds to success or failure. It's the headline and intro to your entire offer. Be specific and engaging, and ask yourself - does this make me want to open it? Test headlines internally (and even externally) and tweak them if necessary.

  4. Style and substance

    Think of your correspondence as an extension of the headline. Put yourself in your recipients shoes. What value are they getting from it? Is there substance to the content? Does it look interesting? If you are not adding any value from their perspective don't send it out.

  5. Think small

    Forget the old days of batch-and-blast. Today, it's about creating smaller, more targeted mailings based on your recipients demographics, interest and more. The more timely, relevant and personal you can make it, the better.

  6. Understand (and use) your results

    Tracking metrics like receipts, bounces, opens, clicks, forwards and sign-ups is the first step to understanding what's happening to your e-mails. This is your audience talking to you. Listen to what they're saying and then apply it to your future e-mails.

  7. Experiment and adapt

    Like most things, e-mail marketing isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. Start with a basic plan, apply your philosophy and style, and adapt as you go.

  8. Optimize your delivery

    Make sure your e-mails are designed to ensure high delivery rates - through personalized delivery, sophisticated delivery policies, and ISP relationships. Proof and optimize content before sending out, and measure your results. ViewSource Media has the tools to make it happen. Talk to us.

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