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Your brand (which begins with a logo and likely a tagline) communicates who you are visually and verbally. Its character, look, and tone of voice sets up an expectation of who you are, at a glance. This 'personality' of your business should be a clear one.

Once it has been developed, the golden rule to protecting any branding effort is to ensure brand consistency when you're ready to roll it out.

Brand consistency builds recognition, trust and momentum in the minds of your customers. While it's imperative to create a brand that stands out, repetition once you've created it is the key.

The more you think about it, the more it makes complete sense.

Among the clutter of messaging, customers will need to be exposed to your brand several times to even begin the process of "brand recognition". Switching it up in the smallest way erodes the momentum you're trying to build.

Consistency and uniformity offers a perception that the company is stable, confident, and credible. No matter what type of business you have, these are attributes that turn prospects into buyers.

The essentials of brand consistency mean using the same colours, fonts, designed look and writing style for major communication pieces such as your website design, brochures, and business cards. They should conspicuously link together.

Going forward, any and all long-term marketing material (targeted advertising is another animal altogether) should also belong to the same 'family'. Often, the fastest and most effective way to achieve this is by having professionals both create your brand and champion brand consistency in all your future marketing efforts.

Whether it's ads, trade show booths or promotional products, design and marketing professionals are trained at every nuance of design and copywriting to help strengthen and preserve your brand at each touchpoint.

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