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Let's not mince words here: When it comes to a website, content is the new king. As mentioned in our earlier blog, fresh content is one of the silver bullets for good search engine rankings. Google isn't going to move up static websites with outdated content that's stayed the same for years. Beyond search engine rankings, fresh content is valuable in retaining customers. Do you have...

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Wow! Has it been 10 years already? Time flies when you're having fun… and working hard. 2002 saw the birth of ViewSource Media. To think only a short time ago, well 10 years, our office...

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Long gone are the days of having to rely on programmers for all those little things you wished you could handle yourselves - from removing outdated news on your site, to updating your sales contacts, to your burning desire to post info about that great award you won last night. We've entered the era of real-time information on demand. And with it, the chance to update all your information...

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ViewSource Media just recently launched a brand new website for Hu's Asian Bistro. Hu's was looking for a new graphic design which complimented their existing brand and showcased the new location in Winnipeg. Check out the photo gallery for photos on the new spot and to reserve your experience. You should definitely go and try the food, it's fabulous... Check out the new modernized...

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ViewSource Media developed a new branding package for Muzeen & Blythe. It included a corporate logo identity complete with a brand specifications document. ViewSource Media also...

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