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Our friends at Skills Manitoba needed an updated activity book to teach students in grades 5 to 7 about all the different skilled trades and technologies that are available to them. We were...

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Frank Motors had a problem. They had devised a service plan that would help people take better care of their cars but they needed to get the message out. It was something that made business...

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VSM worked with Petroflow Energy Ltd. to complete their 2007 annual report package. This report package consisted of creative design, all formatting and page layout plus complete print production of the annual report, envelopes and presentation folders. The message was simple, clean and professional which coincides with the Petroflow corporate message.

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VSM has updated the CanWest Global CanSpell website in advance of the 2008 CanSpell Spelling Bee. Both new games combine learning activities within a fun and friendly gaming experience, designed to appeal to the target audience of school-age CanSpell contestants. The two new games added were both heavily customized, for both content and visual elements, by the VSM flash development team. The...

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Hot on the heels of our most recent site launch announcement, ViewSource Media is excited and proud to announce the live launch of the re-developed CanSpell website. The new website consists of two distinct segments,each aimed to engage, inform, and entertain a specific audience. CanSpell is a national spelling bee competition, open to children across Canada. The CanSpell competition includes...

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