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When most people think of high-reach advertising, they think of TV or radio. They'd be surprised to learn that vehicle graphics and full wraps actually reach more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand (CPT) than all other forms of advertising. With so many people on the road and sidewalks, it makes sense.

So how do vehicle graphics work? From full vehicle wraps to window or door decals, we use high-quality solutions that adhere directly to your car or truck. Our graphics are incredibly durable and custom-designed for each and every application. They do not damage your vehicle's paint in any way, and can actually protect against scuffs and paint chips.

From one vehicle to an entire fleet, we've helped a wide range of clients make an impact on the road. The key to success is making a great first impression. Focusing on clear messaging, creative design and flawless execution, we have become leaders in vehicle graphics and custom wraps across Manitoba and parts of Canada.

Here's why you should consider vehicle graphics:

Earn Countless Positive Brand Impressions
Depending on the city, a vehicle wrap can earn between 30,000 - 70,000 impressions daily! We can help you make sense of your target market and develop messaging and graphics to make the right - first impression.

Send a Message that's Remembered
When done properly, vehicle graphics are a great way to tell your brand's story and create an image that's remembered. Plus, unlike some web, TV or radio ads, vehicle graphics are an unobtrusive form of advertising, so they won't turn anyone off if they are done properly.

Consistency Across Your Fleet
From single vehicles and service vans to large sized fleets, design consistency on the road will pay dividends in terms of brand recognition and trust.

Professionalism and Confidence
Whether you do home deliveries or service calls, branded vehicles show that you're a true professional. 

More Than Cars and Trucks
The same process we use for vehicles can be applied to boats and countless other modes of transportation. From bus shelters to airplanes, there are countless ways to promote your brand.

Vehicle wraps, graphics and decals are a great cost-effective way to build your company image and promote your message. 

For car and truck graphics or full wraps in Winnipeg, Manitoba and across Canada, ViewSource Media can help from design to installation. Contact our Winnipeg office to learn more.

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