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Getting the most out of your print materials is a necessity these days. If you're going to print something that reflects your brand, you want it to turn out perfectly.

It helps to have someone in your corner who knows the industry extremely well. And ViewSource is that champion - we know our local printers, so we know who to use for any variety of projects. We always get multiple estimates to ensure pricing is competitive, and we ensure the files that are being sent are prepped properly. This all adds up to having a 'measuring stick' for your brand quality, so that you can ensure your brand is being communicated consistently and at the highest quality.

Printing still comes with many benefits, such as enabling you to make an immediate impact when a customer picks up a business card or flyer, and the items usually have a very long shelf life. With something that's going to be around awhile, again, you want to know it's going to turn out well. For more info on the world of print, see one of our previous blog entries on things to know about printing.

However, navigating today's variety of local (or online) printing companies comes with its drawbacks. Many local printing companies offer template items (add your logo here and print it in any colour you want), which do not offer a true reflection of your unique brand. Recently, we pointed out some disadvantages of using templates in website design, including that a customer could recognize your item and be reminded of a competitor's item - ouch! Also, even if a printing company says they will give you a custom design, you are often dealing with an out of province or out of country design process, and you lose the ability to get the real look that you desire simply with the communication foibles this creates.

Oh, and a few thoughts on online printing: not to rag on the service they provide - which is fast and extremely cheap. But what you get is more templates, no physical proof to exert quality control (you never really know what's going to be delivered on the other end), and, well, the word 'cheap' sometimes applies in more ways than one. Your items tend to look less than professional.

If your printer is going to need to outsource to a graphic designer anyway, why not exert more control and ensure your items turn out great? ViewSource Media is a marketing and design agency first and foremost, and we thoroughly proof all elements together with the printer, in order to ensure colours match and layouts are consistent.

With a design partner like ViewSource, there is no limit on what your imagination can come up with to produce print items that communicate with huge impact.

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