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There are a million different hosting companies offering a million different hosting platforms and packages. Some have tech support, some don't. Some provide full access to your account, some don't even have a login screen. Some have servers close to you, some have them over seas.

ViewSource Media provides fast and reliable website hosting. We have a different philosophy for customer service and support: Simplicity.

You won't find any phone queues or numbers to push when you contact us. Anyone you reach is not only knowledgeable, but empowered to handle your concerns or find someone who can.

These days a lot of companies outsource their tech support to places like India, where it's cheaper but the quality of support certainly is lacking. We prefer to offer our clientele the best Canadian website support available. We have the latest, state of the art software and hardware to deliver fast and reliable web hosting. Whether it's a small personal site or a large enterprise, we have a web hosting solution for you!

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