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Used properly, email is one of the best marketing tools in history - as long as your customers choose to receive it. Unfortunately, many marketers still shy away from email because they don't want to join the ranks of the spammers we've all learned to hate, despite the fact that email is a more personalized, inexpensive (on a cost-per-contact basis), interactive and easier medium to utilize than practically any other communication tool.

The key is opt-in. Get people's permission to send them regular e-mails and you have a receptive audience that's actually expressed an interest in receiving your communications. Utilizing our own VSM Email Marketing System, ViewSource Media can help you implement a customized, targeted and effective email marketing campaign and advise you on how to build and manage a permission-based list of recipients, define relevant content in the right format, deliver your message and evaluate the results.

With our help, you'll be able to manage your audience lists, organizing your recipients into groups or segment your audiences based on their interests, geography, their past response and more. Use customizeable signup screens to let new people sign up from any spot on your website and collect and store as much information as you like in your customizeable database.

You'll see who opened your campaign, clicked on every link, forwarded your campaign to friends or signed up to get future emails. This is just part of our real-time response tracking that lets you know just about everything that happens to your campaign, as it happens.

Move beyond one-way advertising and develop email relationships with the people most interested in what it is you have to offer.

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