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Our clients not only hire us for our expertise but also our perspective - that of their customers. As a brand owner, your perspective is likely entirely different than that of the brand user. Our goal is to help you see your brand from the other side of the transaction in order to help you make it more relevant to your customers, and more appealing.

The first branding step any business usually takes is developing its own visual logo identity. We have developed numerous identities for everything from small business start-ups to large corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Our goal is always to creatively reflect the nature of your organization as well as your brand's personality - the values you live and operate by and traits you want to communicate to the outside world.

During development of a brand package you'll meet with ViewSource designers for an analysis of your company's overall needs. We will discuss effective image creation to properly position and promote the company with specific consideration for logo/brand use over time, competing companies image, client needs and expectations as well as all brand reproduction methods.

Upon completion, the client will receive a full set of artwork files for printing, computer presentations, large format displays and web usage with instructions for proper use in all areas. You'll also receive full specifications for logo/brand use on building and vehicle graphics, ad layouts, color and font families, report layouts, presentation layouts and general website design concepts.

You will end up with a complete set of guidelines for ensuring that brand integrity is maintained through all company marketing and promotion efforts and that a strong and recognizable brand is developed over time. ViewSource will also be on hand for advice on any supplier issues with regard to proper use of the brand. When you are satisfied that the branding is complete, your company will have all of the necessary tools to implement your new brand strategy in the marketplace.

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