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Let Online Give you a Leg Up

E-blast, App Store, Podcast, Blog. Do you know what all of these terms mean? Chances, are you do, and so does your target audience. Welcome to the digital age.

And although brochures, business cards, and newspapers have not entirely disappeared, there are more and more avenues available for you to reach the public.

Apple, Dell, Facebook, Twitter and many other tech and media giants are ready to have you believe you can use digital communication to replace print in any area. And while downloading the latest iPhone app is all the rage, traditional forms of communication, you may not be 100 per cent ready to show print the door.

That's OK. But traditional communication should increasingly be used to complement digital marketing. It's true, print items give you a long shelf life, readers are less likely to 'click away' once they take in your message, and they are easily transportable. However, digital marketing is far more cost effective, responses are instantly measurable, and communication with your public can be extremely quick and effective.

Consider how your business could benefit from digital initiatives. From paid search engine services, to social media services and direct-to-consumer email blasts, to developing your own blog or app, there is a huge variety of ways you can pinpoint your exact target audience and reach them in a new and impactful way. Digital communication can be intimidating, but there are also new and effective ways of measuring the return on investment for utilizing these methods, such as implementing a performance analysis on each effort. If your initiative was trackable (if it's digital, chances are it can be!), you can focus on 'end conversions', sales or responses generated directly as a result of an initiative, rather than just measuring clicks or impressions.

Developing your own app for the iPhone or iPad is also a relatively new trend for businesses. Your very own app could help you streamline services you offer to your clients or give them the ability to purchase your product directly from their mobile device. Or, why not develop a creative or 'game-type' app, that reflects your product or service in a unique way?

Whatever your marketing strategy, be sure to keep things true to your message and brand. It can be difficult to keep your focus with all this technology at your fingertips, so don't let your message get lost in a flood of disjointed messaging. Sync your 'old' tools with some 'new' ones, and you will find you are now sending messages that are relevant and well-received.

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