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IATSE Local 856 Website

ViewSource Media is excited to announce the launch of the newly re-developed IATSE Local 856 website. Aimed primarily towards providing a source of information and resources to the local film production community in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the new IATSE website combines a fun and user-friendly interface with a robust offering of resources.

In order to communicate the fun and exciting nature of the film business, the website interface has been developed to communicate these features to the public at large, and the film community in Winnipeg, and across North America. The site structure is built to maximize intuitive navigation and user-friendliness, in order to ensure ease of access to resources, information, and opportunities poseted on the site.

Due to the dynamic nature of content on the site, a complete content management system has been developed and implemented, allowing IATSE staff members to add or delete content, post opportunities and information on the site, and ensure that website content is fresh, relevant, and completely up to speed.

For more information on this project, please contact ViewSource Media Inc. at info@viewsource.ca or by phone at (204) 694-0727.

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