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While a blog may be a great chance to plug our own services (and we do take pride in our amazing packages!), ViewSource Media follows the rules we preach about creating content that is valuable to our audience.

With that in mind, ViewSource Media knows many businesses are unsure of how to go about shopping for web hosting. Here are some tips to consider:

Before you shop, consider the goals that you have in mind about your business website. What do you want it to achieve? This will help you in your search because you will be able to hear how the company can ensure you meet those goals.

For the less tech savvy, this is a good starting point because it starts the conversation in your language, not theirs. If you have a clear vision about your goals, nothing should stop you from starting the conversation now.

The goal of many business websites is to attract as many visitors as possible. You'll need the optimum amount of bandwidth and storage space available to handle volume. Make sure your web host can provide this to you and explain what that means in tangible terms.

Reliability and Speed
What assurance is the company giving you about the quality of their service? How do they ensure their website hosting service is fast and reliable? How do they keep up with ever-evolving technology and software? Ask your potential provider these questions and expect positive answers.

This is a biggie. When you need them, will someone be there to help, provide answers and problem solve? Some places will save you a few dollars to get you in the door, but should something go wrong or you need help, you may find you get what you pay for. Live, knowledgeable and personable support should be on hand when you need it.

What will it cost? Yes, it varies according to specific needs but no-one wants to pay too much for hosting, and pay for things they don't need. Look at various pricing options, so when you talk to a potential provider they can guide you to the right decision, as well as put their pricing structure in context.

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