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Email Marketing Campaigns

Are you trying to find a way to stay in touch with your clientele on a regular basis? Do you have an existing client list that you want to use more effectively? Have you considered an email marketing campaign?

Instead of spending your marketing dollars on direct mail pieces or printed newsletters, look at using an email marketing system to help you reach out to your existing customers.

Email marketing campaigns are cheaper to send out and are immediately tracked throughout the process generating statistical results for each individual campaign.

Traditional medias such as direct mail and printed newsletters are costly to produce and distribute through snail mail. Have you ever wondered if the marketing materials you printed and mailed got to your customer okay and if you think they acted on them? With an email marketing campaign you have the ability to track all of those questions, make changes on the fly and focus on what is effective for your client.

Let ViewSource Media analyze your existing communication to your clientele and see if a customized email marketing campaign is the right fit for your business. We can provide you with the following:

  1. Review and recommend an email marketing campaign that suits your needs. Whether it is weekly, monthly or quarterly, driven by date or specific around the holidays, we will tailor your email message to get the most impact out of your clientele.
  2. We can custom design a professional layout that fits within your overall marketing platform and is consistent with your brand.
  3. We can write the content that should go into these e-newsletters, providing feedback on what we feel your clients will want to read. Examples include: industry tips, service updates, news within the industry, blog postings, etc.
  4. Once the creative design and the content is ready to go we can program it within our own email marketing system providing you full online access to view results in real-time. Our system is state-of-the-art, managing your clients lists automatically.

ViewSource Media can customize an email marketing campaign that works specifically for you and your business. The key to starting a campaign is to have a vision in mind.

Look at setting up a plan and sticking to it. Sending one email to your clients and hoping it will perform for you is not effective and hard to track if it is what your customers are looking for.

For further information on our email marketing system contact us.

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