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With all of the latest advancements in responsive website design, many of the features of a mobile app can now be implemented into a mobile-friendly website. Responsive websites are generally more cost-effective than developing a mobile application and, in recent years, the app market has become incredibly saturated. 

So before you start the process of developing a mobile application, it's important to truly understand the benefits of promoting your business with an SEO-driven responsive website. From our experience, here are some of the main advantages:

Responsive Websites Bring a Familiar Experience to All Devices – Responsive websites look and work consistently across devices, ensuring a familiar browsing experience as your audience shifts from their desktop to a tablet or mobile device. 

Responsive Websites are More Accessible – Unlike mobile apps, responsive websites are indexed through search engines making them easy to find. There are no downloads necessary either, making the process quick and easy for clients and prospects.   

Websites are Easier to Update – Responsive websites can be updated quickly at any time without the need for the user to update anything on their end.

Websites Can Have App Capabilities – From full online stores to appointment booking functionality, modern websites are incredibly robust. Many of the "advanced" tasks that people associate with apps can actually take place within a responsive website.   

Websites Don't Take Up Smartphone Real Estate – Apps can be a drain on storage space and users will simply delete them as their phones fill up. A mobile website takes up no space and, if users need to have easy access to your site on an ongoing basis, they can always bookmark it and add an icon to their smartphone home screen.

While mobile-friendly websites are becoming more and more popular, mobile apps still have their place. If you want your clients to have the capability to interact with you offline, then an app is for you. Apps also have the power to add more complex interactive elements, calculations and reporting tools. 

Still not sure what you need? Check out our website design portfolio. We can help point you in the right direction. When it comes to mobile-friendly website design in Winnipeg, Manitoba, ViewSource Media has you covered. Contact our Winnipeg office to learn more.

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