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eLearning and Online Training Platforms, also known as Learning Management Systems (LMS), offer an online environment where teachers and instructors can pass on lessons and learning materials, hold class discussions, upload photos, resources and videos, communicate with students, grade work and much much more.

You get full control over the learning experience, and your students get to learn how they want, where they want.

eLearning and Online Training Platform Capabilities
When comparing eLearning and online training platforms, you should place emphasis on the following capabilities:
• Assignment submission and grading tools
• Access via PC or mobile device
• File upload and download capabilities
• Instant messaging
• Online calendars, news feeds, chat groups and announcements
• Quizzes, assignments and portfolios
• Wikis, forums and other group learning tools
• Standard and custom reports

7 Things To Consider When Comparing eLearning and Online Training Platforms 
If you're interested in implementing a Learning Management System in your organization, we recommend comparing the following features:

Cost: What is the initial cost and what is the ongoing cost? Does it fit your budget and how does the cost compare to a traditional learning experience?

Content Storage: How and where will your course content, audio and video be stored? Is there an additional cost for storing course content, or is it included?

Accessibility: How will the eLearning and online training platform look and work on a wide range of systems? Will it work on mobile devices or just PCs?

Reporting Options: What types of reporting capabilities do you and your instructors need? What types of information will your students need at a glance?

Ease of Use: Is there a learning curve to using the system, or will students get the hang of it right away? What about your instructors?

Ongoing Tech Support: If you need new features or assistance, what does your eLearning service provider offer in terms of ongoing support?

Website Integration: Will your eLearning and online training platform match the look and feel of your website? And can it be integrated directly into your existing site?

These are great questions to ask when considering an eLearning and online training platform. At ViewSource Media, we have the answers.

You can learn more here or book a free e-learning consultation.

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