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Hot on the heels of our most recent site launch announcement, ViewSource Media is excited and proud to announce the live launch of the re-developed CanSpell website. The new website consists of two distinct segments,each aimed to engage, inform, and entertain a specific audience.

CanSpell is a national spelling bee competition, open to children across Canada. The CanSpell competition includes a series of local and regional spelling bees that culminate in April, when the National spelling bee is held to determine the Canadian champion. The CanSpell competition is designed to foster learning and engagement of academic success within children across Canada.

The Teachers lounge, which can be found here offers teachers and parents a chance to gather information about the CanSpell competition, find tips of how to get their kids engaged and excited about the competition, and provides all the information necessary to get involved.

The Spellers Lounge offers kids of all ages a chance to engage in entertaining, and educational games and activities - all designed to get generate interest with the CanSpell experience.

For more information on this project, please contact ViewSource Media Inc. at info@viewsourcemedia.ca or by phone at (204) 694-0727.

The Teachers Lounge Website

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