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This is our soapbox. No, please don't run away; this won't hurt a bit. But, yes, it is going to get a bit passionate all up in here! We are taking the opportunity to gently point out that so many clients show up with a marketing need and don't have a brand foundation to give us a starting point when it comes to working on their brand. And branding is something we're pretty passionate around here. So indulge us.

Let's talk about your brand for a minute. Your brand, though most visibly represented by your logo, your website, and other tangible materials (signage, letterhead, etc.), is not limited to these items. It's something even bigger and more exciting and more valuable than those things! It is the 'feeling' or impression or impact that your company makes on its public. And if you have captured that ability to impact your audience effectively, moving them toward sales or whatever your business purpose may be, you will be successful. It has been shown time and time again that putting effort into brand development is an extremely good business investment.

Most businesses are already out there conducting, well, business, without taking full advantage of what they could be communicating by putting effort behind the items they have already put out there. These businesses then show up at a marketing company with a business plan, a sales strategy, and some other business planning items which is great, but doesn't entirely capitalize on what your brand could be doing for you.

So if you are one of these businesses without a branding strategy nailed to your every wall, don't feel too bad, and especially don't panic! If you contact us first with any marketing initiative you think of doing, we can meet you where you're at and give you the tools to move forward.

We will build your brand with you, ensure consistency across every aspect of what you present to the public. We will give you a set of logo files that you own, prepared for both printing, offline, and online uses (all of these uses demand slightly different file formats to be their most effective). And, of course, we would also love to give you a glimpse into the future! Let us show you how your business can represent itself most effectively using today's most current technology, responsive design, and best website practices.


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