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Your brand (which begins with a logo and likely a tagline) communicates who you are visually and verbally. Its character, look, and tone of voice sets up an expectation of who you are, at a glance....

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Want to be a big fish in a small business pond? Make the leap to social media. By now, many of you have already been exposed to the concept of social media in the business arena. The benefits are extensive: you can attract new audiences, you can network with like-minded groups, you can be seen as a modern business leader - the list goes on and on. One benefit we'd like to tune you into is...

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While a blog may be a great chance to plug our own services (and we do take pride in our amazing packages!), ViewSource Media follows the rules we preach about creating content that is valuable to our audience. With that in mind, ViewSource Media knows many businesses are unsure of how to go about shopping for web hosting. Here are some tips to consider: Goals Before you shop, consider the...

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Jeff and his team have been an important partner for our company for many years. We continue to work together on dozens of projects each year and the results always impress. - Jonathan Strauss, President Strauss Event & Association Management

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Let's not mince words here: When it comes to a website, content is the new king. As mentioned in our earlier blog, fresh content is one of the silver bullets for good search engine rankings. Google isn't going to move up static websites with outdated content that's stayed the same for years. Beyond search engine rankings, fresh content is valuable in retaining customers. Do you have...

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