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We recently went back to school. Actually, it was a boot camp by Big Nerd Ranch (not a salad dressing) where we learned to develop our Core.

We are happy to report that we have learned how to develop iOS applications, which means we can now offer this service to our clients. Our apps can utilize Core Location (GPS, Cell Tower Triangulation, Wifi Access Point Location) to pinpoint a user's location, Core Graphics to present clean-cut, cutting edge visuals, and Core Animation, taking advantage of what the iPhone and iPad can put out in terms of motion-graphics.

This means we can design, build, and maintain iOS applications for both the iPhone and iPad. We can develop your vision for your app to a tee, from the creative to the programming, which we submit to Apple, and then maintain for you (working out kinks and developing upgrades).

Depending on your service or product, an Apple app could be the key to taking your business to the next level. If your business is service-based, now you can offer apps to help streamline your services to existing clients, and attract new clients. If your business is product-driven, you can provide apps that allow your clients to purchase products directly from their mobile device. There isn't much of a limit to what you can think up that could be an app these days, from apps driven by pure function and necessity, to apps created for fun to kick your business's interest up a notch. Can you say, 'there's an app for that?'

Big Nerd Ranch's app boot camp 'is recognized as the most comprehensive and influential iOS courses in the world. Their list of clients and students include Pixar, Google, and Apple' (and now us).

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