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We are living in a dematerialized world.

In May 2011, Amazon.com announced that it now sells more digital books than printed books. There is no question that our world is more digital today than it has ever been. The rise of smart phone and tablet (like the iPad) technology is making another surge toward enabling the average person to send, receive, manipulate, and interact with information digitally.

Some will say print will never die completely, and that may be true, but digital communication is more prevalent than ever. In the up and coming generations, digital communication as the dominant communication method is more and more commonplace.

A magazine article recently featured a 'day in the life' of a young freelancer from Seattle, who spoke about using Facebook and Twitter to keep track of what her friends were doing throughout the day. And when work got out, she used Foursquare to see where her friends were going for supper, and later which clubs were the most popular that night. The magazine? Marie Claire. Not some tech magazine, but an everyday women's fashion magazine.

The tendency for today's young professionals to use their phones and apps to accomplish regular communication is overwhelming; and young businesses and entrepreneurs are picking up on this, developing apps for everything - from practical application to whimsical entertainment. Time magazine reported on today's top iPhone apps which included Angry Birds (and multiple other undemanding yet addicting games), weight loss apps (hire your own personal trainer for your phone), photo editing (not the best photographer? You don't have to be!), and travel apps, to name just a few.

Whatever you need - there's an app for that. Digital communication, presenting a mobile website and providing apps where they make sense to offer them, isn't new anymore; it is becoming commonplace. In the business world, it is to the point where if you don't have a user-friendly, digital presence for your business communication, you are missing out on communicating entirely - even damaging your relationship - with your potential customers, and the public.

Even if transitioning to a new form of communication leaves you slightly overwhelmed or fuzzy-headed, there are resources to help you accomplish this task and remain competitive.

ViewSource is already on the cutting edge of transitioning traditional websites into mobile formats. We can also build iOS-powered apps for the iPhone and iPad; whether you want to present your business's services in a sleek, easy-to-use app, or create a fun and amusing app to impact and entertain, we can help launch your very own app into the digital world.

And who knows? Maybe you'll see your app in Time's top ten list next year.

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