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Our clients not only hire us for our expertise but also our perspective - that of their customers. As a brand owner, your perspective is likely entirely different than that of the brand user. Our...

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ViewSource Media is working with Fusion Capital Corporation on a new condominium project located at 2800 Pembina Highway called MOCO Condominiums. We designed and developed the MOCO logo which...

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There are a million different hosting companies offering a million different hosting platforms and packages. Some have tech support, some don't. Some provide full access to your account, some don't even have a login screen. Some have servers close to you, some have them over seas. ViewSource Media provides fast and reliable website hosting. We have a different philosophy for customer service...

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Used properly, email is one of the best marketing tools in history - as long as your customers choose to receive it. Unfortunately, many marketers still shy away from email because they don't want to join the ranks of the spammers we've all learned to hate, despite the fact that email is a more personalized, inexpensive (on a cost-per-contact basis), interactive and easier medium to utilize than...

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As a new company ViewSource Media has been with us right from the start. They've helped us shape and define our brand identity. Together we've built a great website. They continue to provide us with great ideas. Jeff Hollyoake's door is always open and he really listens to what a client is saying. This is a great company to do business with as they intuitively understand the start-up...

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