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The last time we counted, there were over 634 million websites running in the world, give or take a few. Just like the printing press did in the 1400s, the web has changed the way people share and receive information and make decisions. Think of your own behaviour as a consumer. When you need a product or service, chances are you spend some time online learning everything you can. Well, that's how people are learning about you.

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Website Design

Custom is our custom

When it comes to the web, we're living in an increasingly templated world. That's not for you. You deserve something fresh; something unique; something that impresses your audiences and gets them to do the stuff you want them to do.

With our design and technical expertise and commitment to custom design, we can produce a site that is easy to find, easy to use, easy to update, and easy to love.

From e-commerce, to ongoing web maintenance, to hosting and domain registration, we can provide complete service – from start to finish, from cradle to rave.

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Responsive Design

Web design that's just like us... responsive

Have you looked at your website on a laptop, iPad, or smart phone? How does it look? Is it hard to read? Impossible to navigate? Boring? Is it a random pallet of pixels that induces migraines? If so, that means your design is not "responsive." When a design is responsive, it means it automatically adjusts itself for the device your reader uses. We build websites that detect the screen size and device a user is on and supplies them with the info they need. No confusion, no boredom, no headaches. Give us a call or shoot us an email for further information. We would be happy to come to your office and discuss your website design needs. You'll find that we're pretty responsive, too.

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Mobile Applications

Excellence on the move

There's an app for this and an app for that. How about an app for you? A purposeful, user-friendly app can help your audiences interact with you through their smartphones and tablets while they're on the go. The world of apps is changing all the time and redefining how people access the information they want and interact with the services they use. Our team is equipped to customize something pretty darn special to help drive business for you.

We'd be happy to get together with you to discuss viability, budget, process, and how a mobile app can take you to the next level.

Email Marketing

Messages that matter

People's email boxes are getting more cluttered all the time, so it takes some heavy lifting to make your campaign stand out. We can work with you to make email campaigns and newsletters that drive action. The right images. The right amount of copy. The right graphics. The right timing. And we can provide you with rich reports on how your campaign is being received by your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

We'll help you be found

You remember that tree in the forest that didn't make a sound when it fell because nobody was around? Well, there are plenty of great websites out there that aren't having any impact because no one is visiting them. “If you build it they will come” is an idea that doesn't apply to websites. What you have to build is a rock-solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy so people can find you. Understanding Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines is key to web success. We can help. We can lead. You don't have to be that tree.

Video Production

Adding motion to your message

The growth in popularity of online video seems virtually unstoppable. Internet technology company SundaySky reported that in 2012, 182 million viewers watched 457 million content videos and 105.4 billion video ads. And, believe it or not, some of those videos did not feature cats doing cute things. Great videos are great web content. They give you the chance to tell your story with even more style. A great video will be shared and remembered. That's good for your brand.

We can produce various styles of online video, including: animated pieces; PowerPoint presentations with voice-overs; monologues; interviews; and others.

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Web Hosting and Domains

The host with the most

Your website needs to live somewhere. Somewhere nice. Somewhere safe. Somewhere secure. Making a home for your website on a server is called "hosting."

There are a trillion-ish different hosting options out there, give or take. Some are cheap. Really cheap. Too cheap. What you need is a reliable, enduring, rock-solid host who will keep your site secure, and help your users get your information fast - every time they visit your website.

ViewSource Media provides fast, reliable, secure, North American hosting. We'll help you understand how the technology works (if you want) and provide quick, thorough, easy-to-understand tech support (you want).

We'll host your dot com so you can stay calm.

ViewSource can design and develop your first website, or replace an existing website, in a way that celebrates your brand and elevates your story. Working from Winnipeg since 2002, we help our clients achieve a custom website experience that works across all mobile devices.